Latin by the Natural Method

Fr William Most put together this great series. It sort of got abandoned though.

He had some cool ideas about how to teach Latin. One of the main ones was to get people thinking in Latin, rather than getting bogged down in terminology and analysis. He still has the explanations, but with more examples to read.

So far I have enjoyed it as a teacher, but my kids run in to the same obstacle of not giving it their full attention. My youngest student is actually doing best, so I know the info is there, just the attitude and distractions get in the way.

Accented Vulgate Bible - Genesis

When typing up booklets I often forget the accent marks. I take it for granted now that after years of reading Latin I can guess how most words are pronounced - especially with parts of the Mass, where there is a lot of repetition over the years.

Having accent marks is great for learning Latin. You learn more thoroughly when you can speak and hear the text. Those little accent marks take the guesswork out of which syllable to land on. Trying to speak each syllable equally is monotonous and loses the rhythm.

First Friday of September

Here's a new idea for - shifting to choir resources for upcoming sung Masses. If I put together pieces as I need them, then maybe I can keep the collection growing and developing in a useful way.

First up is Mass this Friday - the eve of Our Lady's Birthday and the First Friday of the month. Our local FSSP apostolate has a Votive Mass of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus every First Friday 7pm at Mulgoa.

Samples of the Benediction Course

Here are some short samples of the sort of content I'm putting into the new Benediction course. The course itself is based loosely on Fr Caswall's book The Catholic's Latin Instructor but with more interactive features as you can see below:

The opening hymn for Benediction is sung as Father opens the tabernacle. You might know it in English as something like this:


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2018 plans

Each time I come to write one of these annual plans I am struck by how time flies. This year I have been looking at years 11, 9, 7, 5 and Kindergarten. How did this happen?

All the same, I am aware of how arbitrary some of the choices we make seem.

I remember long ago fixing my goal as twofold:

  • You don't know everything
  • You can learn anything

It's finding the sane balance between presumption and despair.

Adding Images

number plate

Drupal is a bit more difficult to work with than Wordpress - which is to be expected. I'm hoping the inconvenience when doing things like adding images is outweighed by better performance - faster loading and more stable.

Here should be a picture of the Flag of the Australian Capital Territory.

Some more text to make sure the two pictures don't overlap.

Belated Australia Day Course

Hi guys,

Sorry for the confusion - it's helpful to find the obstacles to making good use of this website. You're doing well with that.

Now I've got a few more bugs ironed out and the course should be ready for you to take. I've taken down the drag and drop games from the front page, but you'll find them in the course.

Here's the link to the course

There's also that link up there under the website name and logo where it says "Australia".

Learning all the time

So, I tried installing Opigno LMS, but it was too much all at once.

Now I'm back to basic Drupal, adding modules to see if I can make simple courses - and what a lot of prerequisites there are!

I can put Quizzes in Courses, but there doesn't seem to be any other content types available.


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