Samples of the Benediction Course

Here are some short samples of the sort of content I'm putting into the new Benediction course. The course itself is based loosely on Fr Caswall's book The Catholic's Latin Instructor but with more interactive features as you can see below:

The opening hymn for Benediction is sung as Father opens the tabernacle. You might know it in English as something like this:

O saving Victim opening wide
The gate of heaven to man below
Our foes press on from every side
Thy strength supply, Thine aid bestow.

Here is the Latin text

O salutaris Hostia
Quae caeli pandis ostium
Bella premunt hostilia
Da robur fer auxilium

Here is the vocabulary

Latin English Comments
salutaris saving salutary - helpful, healthy
Hostia Victim
quae who
pandis openest
ostium the gate
caeli of heaven also spelt coeli
hostilia bella hostile wars
bella wars bellicose, antebellum
premunt sore press us
da give donate - "I give" = do
robur strength robust
fer bring as in aquifer, Christopher
auxilium help

Practise this list on Quizlet

A great way to consolidate the words is to write out the Latin, leaving blank lines for the English translation under each word. Do this a few times to help the words sink into your memory.

That gives you a sample of what I have been working on. I hope it can be useful to you and your family. If you would like to join the beta-testers here at, please drop me a line at and let me know what username you would like.

I can't promise this will be a free service, but maybe I can keep it free by selling hardcopy resources in my bookshop at Lulu.